I was approached by TUI Group known in the UK as Thomson travel agent to come up with a tool that would help inspire people to find new places to travel.

In collaboration with production manager who was overseeing the project I have created and developed concepts for content driven, interactive tool that would break the traditional ways of search and help the users to find inspiration in a more intuitive, fun and engaging method.

I started the process by running a research and based on that decided on a strategy that the categories of search must be based on more humane and organic approach, and in order to serve to achieve the goal it had to be based on lifestyle choices rather than destinations. I have designed the user journey based on keywords in order to customise the choice and to create an impression of being taken for a surprise holiday where various possibilities unravel gradually. Additionally I included a video messaging tools to increase engagement and shareability.

The deliverables included:

- Research

- Strategy – user journey

- Design concepts

- Rationale

TUI Interactive tool

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